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Conserve resources.
Use reserves.
Win quality.

Environmentally-oriented processing of recyclable materials

Consciousness in our society has changed noticeably in recent years. Consideration for the environment and ecological thinking increasingly influence economic decisions.

Since it was founded in 1981 and by choosing this business field our company has consciously and aggressively faced this challenge, because:

Cables contain valuable non-ferrous metals and plastics, whose recovery requires only a fraction of the energy that would be required to produce primary raw materials. In this way, we protect the environment and help save valuable resources.

In addition to environmental protection, performance and quality play a decisive role in the market. Against this background, a quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001/2015 was introduced and certified in our company.

So that

  • the in-house process is fully documented,
  • traceability of the volume flows is ensured,
  • the whereabouts of the waste quantities is verified,
  • a consistent quality of the products is guaranteed.

In addition, we are a waste management company according to ESN criteria (disposal association of the German steel and non- ferrous metal recycling industry)
and a member of the "Quality association for cable dismantling" in the VDM (Association of German Metal Dealers)



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