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Raw materials

Large quantities of usable cables are produced in Germany every day. Their areas of origin are as diverse as their types. A basic distinction between cables is made according to their structure, type of insulation and conductor material. The percentage of metals contained, the emerging dismantling costs and the daily metal exchange rate determine the value of the cables.

Industrial cables

... by this we mean preferably new cables and defective batches rejected in the production process, so-called off specification batches. These are modern energy and telephone cables.

Trader cableā€¦

... by this we mean discarded commercial cables and unsorted household cables. Only a complex pre-sorting into the different types increases the metal qualities to be achieved.

Old cable

... that's how we refer to disused cables such as old postal and communication cables or cables from demolition.

Knowledge and expertise in sorting are required here. Especially the "veterans" among the cable types, partly several decades old, with their countless variations in terms of composition and components, represent a constant challenge for our employees.

Copper and other non-ferrous scrap
  • Heavy and light copper
  • Cu-Raff
  • Millberry
  • Aluminum crockery
  • Brass / bronze

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